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America's Favorite Car talk Show! Car Repair and Care from The Motor Medics that have an amazing way of connecting with their hoodies keeping the advice accurate and always entertaining. Est.1990 heard on over 225 radio stations

Jun 25, 2023

Why won't my BMW transmission shift? Transmission Error Message 2005 BMW 535i Why does my AWD and ABS light flash on my Chevy Van? 2012 Chevy Cargo Van Is there a Self-Cleaning Touch Screen? Screen Fingerprints Is A Sprinter Van a good vehicle for a Motorhome? How can I tell if my catalytic convertor is bad? 2015 Toyota Tacoma 2016 Ram P0733 Trans Failure Why does my 2016 Hyundai Azera have low oil pressure? 2002 Ram 1500 Vin mismatch ABS light flashes