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America's Favorite Car talk Show! Car Repair and Care from The Motor Medics that have an amazing way of connecting with their hoodies keeping the advice accurate and always entertaining. Est.1990 heard on over 225 radio stations

Feb 22, 2024

How do I fix a cruise control on a Nissan Quest. Why causes my 2006 Ram 1500 to get hot? 2007 Nissan Maxima repeat timing chain failure. How to fix a backup camera on a 2011 SRX Cadillac. 2002 Toyota Camry grinding noise when cold in gear. Replacing a rear wheel bearing on a 2017 Subaru Outback 2024 Subaru Outback what fuel should I use in it? 2009 Honda Pilot engine ticking. 2003 Chevy Spare Tire Winch replacement. After show - Finding a Used Car Under $5000.00