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America's Favorite Car talk Show! Car Repair and Care from The Motor Medics that have an amazing way of connecting with their hoodies keeping the advice accurate and always entertaining. Est.1990 heard on over 225 radio stations

Jul 31, 2019

Chris takes two calls in a row and nails them both spot on! The Annual Road Trip

Jul 28, 2019

Do you know what kind of glass your car has and how to get out of it in a crash? 

Jul 24, 2019

What do you do when you run into dozens of exotic cars flying down the road? You chase them down and check them out. 

Jul 21, 2019

Shannons back and we find out just how much stuff he lost while on vacation. 

Jul 17, 2019

When a caller can't find a part the guys give him some direction. How about an electric street rod?