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America's Favorite Car talk Show! Car Repair and Care from The Motor Medics that have an amazing way of connecting with their hoodies keeping the advice accurate and always entertaining. Est.1990 heard on over 225 radio stations

Dec 28, 2022

Best of Under The Hood 2022 Merry Christmas week 2022. 

Dec 25, 2022

Best of Under The Hood Chriistmas 2022 Merry Christmas from all of us to you.

Dec 21, 2022

Why does my starter keep cranking?
1966 Buick Skylark burns oil
Why does my alarm go off by itself. 2012 Ram
Why does my heater not work? 2000 Ford F150
F150 Coyote Engine misfire
The Tesla Pee Pool coming to a supercharger near you.


Dec 18, 2022

What happens when you put two different size tires on your modern car or truck?
Why does my engine burn oil?
How can I find new wheels for my car?
Why is my 2012 Chrysler Town and Country van dying?
Why does my 4x4 not work on my 2007 Ram 1500?

Dec 14, 2022

1.2019 Ford F150 with a Canada Speedometer wants to switch to US.
2. 2018 GMC Why is my Low Coolant Light on. 
3. 2015 Lincoln MKC with block crack.
4. 1999 Suburban engine misfire.
5. What oil should I use in my 1936 Chevy?
6. My radio failed in my KIA Optima.
7. 2021 Ram V6 gets bad mileage. Is it normal?